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Quality Assurance

Quality is in our DNA and inherent in everything we do. Our unswerving commitment to the highest quality norms is borne out by the trust reposed in our standards by some of the most prestigious accrediting bodies in Laboratory Medicine.

We are UAE’s first standalone CAP accredited laboratory.

Beyond CAP, we have a robust Quality Assurance program to organize the actions of the people, instruments, methodologies & reagents to create a dynamic system of procedures and protocols that assure the quality of laboratory services rendered.

We undertake comprehensive quality checks and programs as part of its Internal Quality Program is established to assure accuracy and precision. Key components of our Quality Assurance program include:

  • Accuracy check

  • Precision studies

  • Inter - lab comparisons

  • Linearity and recovery study

  • Reference range study

  • Equipment maintenance

We use “Westgard rule” which defines the specific performance limits and each procedure manual describes the quality control guidelines for the assay as they are being designed to evaluate the method’s performance by monitoring the ability to detect analytical error i.e. random and systematic error. Abnormal and suspect results are taken up for repeat assay. Reports are reviewed and released online by the specialists.

Further, we engage in External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQAS). Under this, we evaluate our laboratory’s analytical performance in comparison to our peers, reference standards and/or reference laboratories. It serves as an external validation of the quality of laboratory tests and is also a valuable self monitoring tool.

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