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  • Trust: We commit ourselves to not just provide quality test results but also accurate, reliable, pertinent and cost-effective diagnostic information.

  • Patient Care: We will never forget that a patient is depending on the results we provide. It is our utmost priority to take care of the patients and doctors who trust us with all their heart and soul. We are dedicated towards providing unsurpassed diagnostic services to our patients.

  • Integrity: We choose to achieve excellence without comprimising on quality and patient's health. The diagnostic information would be produced and delivered to provide the highest level of patient care and within the strictest guidelines of professional ethics, always maintaining the dignity of every human life.

  • Honesty: What we say is true and forthcoming - not just technically correct. We are open and transparent in our communication with each other.

  • Confidentiality: We believe and maintain confidentiality of our patients' reports; an important issue in primary healthcare ethics

  • Judgement: We think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions.

  • Respect: We treat every human being with dignity, and value their contribution in any which way. We maintain fairness in all relationships.

  • Courage: We raise our voice against any wrongdoing and bear the consequences of its outcome.

  • Responsibility: We accept the consequences of our actions, admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. We do not retaliate against those who report violations of law or policy.

  • Compliance: We stay abreast of changes and new developments in the law and provide compliance training, guidance and education regarding applicable laws for directors, officers and employees.

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