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For Existing Clients: Please call 04-4483125

For New Clients: Please call our help desk at 04-4483100

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Lab Management

We also work with partners in managing their Laboratories – either within a hospital or stand-alone. Our value add lies in the following:
  • Understanding of Lab Operations: We have well defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various departments within the Lab which ensures high quality and minimal errors
  • Focus on Quality: Quality is our trademark. We believe that
  • P&L Managers: We have a pipeline of great managerial talent who have deep understanding in understanding the revenue and costs drivers. The Managers optimize costs and build strong Sales & Marketing teams to drive business using their understanding of local needs, culture and sensitivities
  • Laboratory Information System: Our Clinical Lab Information Management System (CLIMS) has been developed in-house to capture various aspects of Lab Operations – right from accessioning, processing and reporting. All our systems are bi-directionally interfaced to ensure zero errors. Further, CLIMS is integrated with the website to ensure easy access to referring clinicians and patients to review & download their reports.

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